F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"...the [JET Theatre] has a gift for you this holiday season, and her name is Annie Keris."

Martin F. Kohn, Handle with Care

"Her portrayal [of Lady Macbeth] is simply brilliant. She takes Shakespeare's language and wraps it around her fingers to deliver a ferocious performance that would have made The Bard himself quiver."

The Oakland Press, Macbeth


"With razor-sharp comic timing and lyrical sincerity, she deftly navigates Mee's poetry and, when all is said and done, does no less than anchor the show..."

- Modo ReviewBig Love


"Keris balances...perfectly with her steadfastness and by being the very picture of all that [her lover] knows he wants and worries he doesn’t have."

- EncoreMichiganThe Rivals


"Annie Keris is great as Agafya. She has a range that is funny, smart, timid and delicate -- the perfect ingénue."

- The Oakland PressMarriage





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"Mama" by Beth HartNYC Showcase Performance
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Annie Keris is a proud member of the Actors' Equity Association.

Photo by Mark Bennington Photography