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"[A]s the resolute Lady Macbeth, Keris' premeditation is spellbinding: Her thoughts dart ever ahead, even as she initially reels with fear at the ease of her deadly cunning. Through a swift cascade into cold, irreversible conviction, every furtive motive clearly telegraphed to the viewer, hers is the most revealing and gripping arc of the production. "

"The star of this production, however, is the incredible Annie Keris as Lady Macbeth. Her portrayal as Macbeth’s confidant, lover, wife and co-conspirator is simply brilliant. She takes Shakespeare’s language and wraps it around her fingers to deliver a ferocious performance that would have made The Bard himself quiver."

August: Osage County

 "...elegantly [plays] the sharp twinges of disapproval and the private moments of hope."

- Modo Review

The Way of the World

"Keris find[s] the heart beneath all the wit"

- Detroit Free Press

Big Love

"...simply superb.  With razor-sharp comic timing and lyrical sincerity, she deftly navigates Mee's poetry and, when all is said and done, does no less than anchor the show (and oh, the tomatoes!)."

- Modo Review


"Annie Keris's Lady Macbeth resists the villainous monolith we've come to expect and lends a complexity and vulnerability that provides a richer trajectory for this character than I think Shakespeare originally gave her."

- Modo Review


"She has a range that is funny, smart, timid and delicate -- the perfect ingénue."

- The Oakland Press

"Annie Keris is a wide-eyed delight as Agafya"

- Downriver Sunday Times

Gross Indecency

"...[H]er progression through the delicate legal dance is performed with exceptional poise."

- Modo Review

"...a brilliantly thoughtful Sir Edward Clarke"


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